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Vourgia, a"woven" handbag, which is indispensable in the everyday life of Cretans, is a characteristic pouch for many different uses.  It has cords - "braces" which are woven with four-stringed string to hang on the shoulders. Surprised in rustling and tied, they end up in a knot that has a tassel on its end. Previously, warriors used to put their gunpowder and spheres in the dust, while in the later years the farmers used them to put their food and the flask with wine or water. The best crackle, along with a silk scarf, was the first gift to the groom when the engagement took place. Now it is used in weddings to put in the "gifts" that the guests make to the couple, but also as a commemorative gift to the visitors of our island. The geometric decoration dominates the ruins, which cover it all.

Dimensions: 14cm X 14cm


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