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Let's see… The fact is that we all like music! In this book we propose you to realize the following:

◦ how does music affect our everyday life?
◦ what is the relation between spoken language and music?
◦ how does music influence our feelings and in which way does it do that?
◦ what is the connection between music and our bodies functions?
◦ is there a therapy through music (music therapy)?
◦ can music persuade us in order to buy a certain product (in the super-market, in advertisement, etc.)?
◦ how can we become creative listeners?
◦ does music practice have the capacity to injure a music performer?
◦ in which way can we help our children in the improvement of their concentration, performance and development through music?
◦ what are the most recent research studies results in music psychology and music medicine fields?

Whatever is your relation with music, we invite you to discover new functions of music that will certainly be useful in everyday life. Together we will analyse, in practice and through several examples and exercises, the forces music has upon our body and soul!


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