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Diogenes Moskokouzoulos is the new book by Kostis Moudatsou released these days . It is an independent production without having nothing to do with the bureaucracy and corruption that made lamogia bosses ! It is a story starting with street children and misfortune unravel the tangle the labyrinths of modern society and the claws of the mechanisms of power ..... With tragicomic situations create stories for laughs and tears .... It is a book that tries to show that the misery of others is our misfortune .... and that we have no right to mechanisms Allow us to push in or slump in bankruptcy and even loss of human lives to achieve their immoral purposes imposed by gluttony and greed ! ! Kostis the Moudatsos is an alcoholic who believes in dreams that the language and the words do not need to lose the weight and value they have. Must be filled oxygen and blood boiling !


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