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A book with tips for proper use, specific information to mathome what the good olive oil and even 345 recipes based on olive oil, mined or inspired our food supply.
A book dedicated to the olive and its oil! A history, a devotional frame that comes from the depths of time and a precious liquid when it is transformed into light oil lamp and when it becomes sacred spreads for the statues of the gods. The authors took care to comprehensively cover the topic of olive oil and of offering the public a documented study and a useful guide in which you will find all the information you need to properly use the "liquid gold" of Greek land.
Greece and olive. Value eternal, indelible, erotic! Consider what would that others say today "Mediterranean diet" if the oil was missing. Valuable asset for the Greek as valuable and our health. Let ektimisome reading the special section of the findings of the latest medical research. So why olive oil means health. And culture!

"The column was given its own treasure ..." The Olive ... The culture of the olive tree. " And is the bible of Olive cover dark olive green, with the ancient representations, the wreath of victory to the POI with the oil coexist with traditional taramosalata which to succeed must throw the oil as love ...
A book that when the catch in your hands, not only difficult to leave but increasingly coming back to it to make a practice of the tested by our time and climate Greek recipes ... "
Helen Bistika, "Kathimerini" newspaper

Available in 9 languages: Greek, English, German, French, Italian, Nederlands, Russian, Japanese, Chinese.

**The Greek version has a different price because it is more complete, detailed and has a hardcover.**


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