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I feel deeply honored that Maria Koti- a woman of pure artistic quality -having come a long way especially through singing, is actually making her debut as a lyricist with this CD. She has chosen our Record Company for her first personal Album to be released after so many years in collaboration with numerous noteworthy musicians and renowned lyricists in order to present this outcome to the public.

This Album is about our ancestors, about people that fled either on their own will or by force, about beasts- nature-revolt, blood weddings, about souls standing up for their right.

This CD is multifaced consisting of diverse elements all bonded together in absolute harmony.

Nothing seems to be liable to decay. Maria, along with her fellow travellers, has given a precious gift wrapped in undivided love and care, which, in due time, will acquire its proper value.

Our Company with such a long experience in the field of music production can spot a person’s quality mingled with the artistic spirit. So this is the most important value for a collaboration to begin and flourish.

This way we come to the aid and we support the realization of publications of this kind. Trapped in the individualistic decline of “ social networks” and the ghettos of pseudoculture, we stand up for our beliefs at any cost.

Maria, you know well enough that a true artist is blessed and cursed at the same time. Offering everything while dying for IT. We are here to make sure that THIS is to be well kept, appreciated and spread to the world now and to the generations to come.

Andreas Aerakis


Record Label Aerakis - Cretan Musical Workshop & Seistron
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