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Lefteris Vasilakis has the innate charisma of the rhetorical-poetic Cretan discourse. Which means he can express himself loudly and uniquely and spill his source sentiments through his genuine, authentic and beautiful mantindas. He adheres to the rules of the fifteen-syllable endemic Cretan mantinada, the Cretan dialect, and is given to every mantinada full and detailed meaning and often with inventive words which he has aptly made. His mantinades travel to his own expensive and improbable paths his own genuine Cretan soul, and the tender thought and view he has for all the manifestations of life! It is an offering and an admiration in parallel to the values of life!
In love, in love, in loyalty, in loyalty, in friendship, in pride, in love, in confidence, in joy, in joy, in laughter, in pain, in sadness, in dance, in song, in music, in loneliness , affection, respect, religion, family, all in a beautiful poetic walk. Because his mantinades are the distillation of his own authentic Cretan soul and the fragrance of his thought. And as such, he offers us. As authentic authentic
procurator! Besides, this is the deep meaning of the Cretan mantinada. The authentic way expressed in the rhythm of the Cretan and offers us deep feelings that he experiences them loudly but also generously offers them and is the result of the attitude of life and daily philosophical practice of his reasoning. It appears from his verses that Lefteris Vassilakis gathered from his experiences and his parental achievements since his childhood, precious and authentic elements of the Cretan tradition. These offer us a well-worked jewel, with its own unique spiritual and moral powers, in a rhyme of pure gold. In the mantinades of the book, it is not just the thoughts of a poet mantyologist, but also the inherent
rhythmic tonality of the Cretan language. It is an invitation and at the same time a luminous presentation, an externalization of its secret creative powers and the aesthetic experience of the poet within the genuine Cretan tradition that feels it to be a basic axis of life with its customs and customs, with its psychic excitements and tensions, with her ups and downs and her rules. Lefteris does not claim titles of a profound poet and mantyologist. But his work is respected and precious, since he contains the distillation of his own authentic Cretan soul and the aroma of his pure thought.

Costis IG Kallergis (KING) RETHYMNO
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