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Coti K., Yiagos Hairetis and Panos “Tsiko” Katsikiotis merge different backgrounds and influences into an album that transcends the boundaries of traditional folk music.

Borrowing the title "Riziko Fantasiako (Radical Imaginary)" from Greek-French philosopher Cornelius Castoriadis, the three of them met in Anogia, Crete on September 3 and 4, 2019, to imagine/invent a new music that stems from the meeting of their different origins.

With a common willingness to explore, they let the natural acoustics of the Cultural Centre of Anogeia guide them. After many hours of improvisation, a "field" of possible sounds was created, the essence of which we hear on this album. The dynamic interaction of their masterful playing (Yiagos Hairetis-Cretan lute, mandolin, lyra, Coti K.-tenor lute-guitar, P. Katsikiotis Tsiko-percussion) gives the tracks an earthy, solid but also dreamy and delicate character. The result is a blend of Cretan sound colors with minimalist and post-rock forms, which however one would find it difficult to classify in a musical genre.

Out on double LP, CD and Digital album via Same Difference Music, distributed by Inner Ear.


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