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In Crete we can find two types of pipes. The one has the mouthpiece at its end, as the flute beak, and  the other has a single clapper, as the clarinet.

The names assigned to each type are many, depending on the region, and noted other than those of the rest of Greece.

The first sounds as: champioli, thiampoli, fthiampoli (or ftiampoli or fiampoli) bampioli (or pampioli) sfyrochampioulo (or sfyrochampoulo) peirochampiolo and glossochampoulo.

For the instrument with the clapper Cretan people use the mantoura names, Bandura or pantoura. As demonstrated by the Cretan literature, the terms fiampoli, mantoura and pantoura known in Crete from the late 16th century.

From the book of John Tsouchlarakis "TA LAIKA MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS IN CRETE", Athens 2004


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