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Second album titled "What good says nightingale" for SMYRNA orchestra released by CosmosArte.
The female orchestra of traditional music SMYRNA seven years after its first appearance in the Greek music scene with the (now depleted) cd will sing AGALINA, adds to a collection of the most popular and scarce discography songs from the entire country.
Unique sensitivity songs like the title WHAT GOOD TO SAY nightingales and MILITSA from Thrace, the KITA WITH SWEET MY LOVE from Drama and Asia Minor CHOREFEIS pampered MOU and YESTERDAY THE NIGHT meet each including harmony with the Macedonian rose, HIT string of D.Semsi and the famous island dance George Konitopoulos Veggera and WILL GET RIDE MOUNTAIN, a true celebration of the present and vivid Greek tradition.
Organic objects (RAIKOS Macedonia and Epirus self-PURPOSE OF CAPE Cyclades) complement the cd with the title track SMYRNA orchestral music of Peny Papakonstantinou and Kourlia Liberty.
A special place in the cd has a great songwriter VASO Allagiannis that meets here with SMYRNA orchestra and EROFILI and welcome the present -pantachou Anoixi- with a promising and absolutely current song-message lyrics ALEXANDER Stefopoulos.
The VASO Allagiannis once again comes to answer the challenges of the times, trust one of the new songs in the promising and energetic SMYRNA orchestra, the great and EROFILIS mature voice and here marks a singular female alliance full of knowledge, maturity and love for art and life.


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