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The new album, entitled ‘Rosetta’, by the legendary composer and pioneer of electronic music, Vangelis, which is inspired by his long-term love for space. The album, which will be released on September 23, is inspired by Rosetta Mission, an unprecedented European Space Agency (ESA) program to land a space prob on a comet for the first time in history. The release of the recording marks the culmination of the 12-year mission and is accompanied by amazing shots taken by the probe. Vangelis, who has written music for 'Chariots of Fire' and 'Blade Runner', reveals his musical inspiration: "Mythology, science and space exploration are topics that have fascinated me since I was a child. . And it was always somehow connected to the music I was writing. " The music is dedicated to all those who made the -still in progress- mission "Rosetta Mission" possible. In particular, the song ‘Rosetta Waltz’ is an expression of his appreciation for the team that organized and carried out the mission Vangelis' music is often associated with topics such as science, history and exploration. In addition to Oscar-winning music for 'Chariots of Fire', he has written the 'Mythodea' orchestral arrangement for NASA's Mission to Mars in 2001, as well as music for films such as' Antarctica ',' 1492: Conquest of Paradise 'and' Alexander '. His music has also been used in Carl Sagan's documentary series 'Cosmos'. For Vangelis, music is a sacred, basic force of the universe designed to elevate, inspire and heal humanity. This has never been clearer than in ‘Rosetta’ where the charm of the universe is perfectly mixed with its ability to compose music that awakens the senses. As ESA's Carl Walker puts it: "Music is what makes you shudder."


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