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Love or nothing. The new album by George Dalaras puts the question in his head, or rather puts the dilemma. The answer is with the songs. And the truth is that there were no dilemmas in creating this album. Giorgos Dalaras creates the occasion. Always for years he had been looking for a chance to work with Giorgos Kazantzis and now the time has come.

The great melodious composer from Thessaloniki who has given us songs from what we cherish and sing, meets for the first time with Giorgos Dalaras in an album that reminds us that all the great moments of the Greek discography were based on the filing of completed collaborative works of performer and composer .

Always ... in the middle of the love comes the killer as the first single from the new album says and George Dalaras always surprises us with his choices. And surprise does not always mean the unexpected, the surprise is the consistency, the creation and the artistic encounter.

And the melody is a song that we will always love when the stories that match our feelings and lives are sung upon it. The rhythmic stories in the new songs by Giorgos Dalaras, the constant collaborator of Giorgos Kazantzis and one of the most distinguished pens in the Greek song in recent years, Eleni Fotaki, always new, always moving and always great Manos Eleftheriou, friend and companion Giorgos Andreou, Ioannis Panoutsopoulos and Nadina Kyriazis.

Last surprise was the only participation in the new album by George Dalaras and a voice that George Katzantzis discovered and introduced to us. Fotini Velessiotou is the obvious guest on the album that perfectly complements the creative company.


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