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Α΄ ΠΛΕΥΡΑ 1.Ah! And To change hearts (Manolis Lidakis - Paris Mitsou 2. The destination (Christos Vidinioti - Parti Mitsos) SIDE SIDE 3. On the edge (Vassilis Korakakis - Paris Misou) 4. Harakia (Vassilis Korakakis - Paris Misou All together in the studio with Manolis Lidakis in the song and the musicians playing live, "once and for all" in the folk orchestra. Rates Manolis Lidakis: song, orchestration (1) Vassilis Korakakis: bouzouki, baglama (3, 4), orchestration (3, 4), voice (4) Christos Vidiniotis: bouzouki (2), baglama (2), orchestration (2) Thodoris Stougios: bouzouki Agis Papapanagiotou: guitar Panagiotis Tsitsikas: double bass Tasos Athanasias: accordion, piano (1, 3, 4) Stratos Samiotis: percussion (1, 3) Dionysis Libanis: piano (2) Production supervision: Manolis Lidakis - Paris Mitsou The recording and mixing was done by George Frangelis, the mastering by Diktio Music - Studio: Sound House The album is available in a limited number of numbered and signed copies and will be available primarily by pre-order.


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