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Almost 10 years after the release of "Mosaikos" and after several participations (the record with Yiannis Markopoulos "Kritikos Orizando" as a performer and the recording work of Vassilis Skoulas "Amber & Sapphire" as a creator), the new album has been completed and released by Giorgos Nikiforos Zervakis with the title "Building Wind". In his new album "I'm Building Wind" the restless creator of the new generation gathers his songs made during a decade when the relationships between people were severely tested, in an increasingly impersonal society, which is once again looking for pace. Ten new songs by Giorgos Nikiforos Zervakis, in partnership with his loved ones such as Vassilis Papakonstantinou, Argyris Loulatzis, Pantelis Kyramargios, Christos Ninios and Elena Anagiotou. "Words not spoken, missed opportunities drowned dreams songs we didn't make people scared life that awaits". Ten new stories that close thoughts and observations of an uncertain daily life, in a world that is changing violently, distancing man from his fellow man, with the unique perspective and narration of Giorgos Nikiforos Zervakis.


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