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Fairy tales and songs for children Three stories, three journeys. Always looking for the most valuable. The heroes are looking for something they lost or something they have not found yet. They will reach the ends of the earth to meet the Messiah who in exchange for a nice story offers a hot, magical soup dish. I will tell you stories that talk about travels in a magical world One you and one I one you and one I stories to find the secret of life The latest work of Thanos Mikroutsikos is definitely different from the previous ones. "Say one, say the other" is a book and cd with original fairy tales, music and songs, with Thanos Mikroutsikos at the helm! Maria Papagianni wrote three stories, three fairy tales about the small miracles that are hidden in big dreams, but also in every day. In this work the company is great and exquisite! Maria Papagianni writes the fairy tales and the lyrics, Petros Christoulias illustrates, and the singers are Miltos Paschalidis, Costas Thomaidis, Anna Linardou, Elias Benetos and ... Captain Tzimis, that is, Thanos Mikroutsikos, who made all the music stories. A special job for young and old. Three stories and ten songs intertwined in the web of narration. All heroes and storytellers travel in search of something valuable, something they lost or something they have not yet found. And for the precious it is worth to reach the edge of the world or else every day is a little story, a little wandering, a journey for the small and the big joys… Contents Captain Jim The riddle of Troll Prohibited word


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