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Through the new album "Cretaceous period" Elijah Zoutsos present the new project from the record company
Papakonstantinou Thanasis "tumult".

In this album he writes music and modifies traditional musical motifs
and verses known or unknown folk poets of Crete, forming nine pieces-images different from each other, but consolidated as a whole constitute the core musical influences (classical, folk and rock).
The combination of voice such as is found in Crete and the polyphonic songs of the world, with the sound of the acoustic guitar through pedals and effects, the starting point of discovery of a new musical genre, combining sounds modern cityscape with ancient music forms.

Apart from this guitar, voice, vocal, violin and Cretan lyre, the instrumentation involved: Fotis Siotas (viola, vocals)
Michael Kalkanis (bass (sirloin and electric), piano), Panagiotis (Chico) Katsikiotis (drums, percussion) and John Paxevanis (even. and e. guitar), who took over the production along with Elias Zoutso. The projects signed by the painter - sculptor George Chatzakis.


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