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"I do not leave her soul alone to travel,

I will be with her, we could have hated her. "

"Does art serve its true purpose when it reproduces only the past, no matter how beautiful it is? I believe that it serves him best when he is looking for the new, the unexplored that pleasantly surprises us, that he discovers us. At the same time, however, he does not ignore the past. It contains it but it wants to speak its language today, to express the soul and the eye of the artist who always has something new to say. ” The above words belong to Giannis Kalomiris of "Doulgeris", the well-known Anogia dentist, but also an excellent artist and creator of the traditional Cretan music tradition, and will be included in the prologue of the album that will be officially released in a few weeks, entitled "Reconciliation" , in a mixture of the same with many great contemporary musicians and singers. The quarantine and the coronation delayed the release of this work which is a work of life for Giannis Kalomiris himself, but now everything is ready to be presented to the public, as July 26 has been set as the official presentation day of the album, at small garden theater "Manos Hadjidakis" in Heraklion, in an evening that will be prefaced by Ross Daly. Giannis Kalomiris, son of Dulgerogiorgis, the "legendary" owner of "Prasini Folia", loved and learned Cretan music, from a young child in that wonderful place in Perachori, which in addition to the flourishing of tourism in Anogia, gave impetus in many new talents of Anogia in music, dance and art in general. Grafted with those images of the 70s and 80s, Giannis comes decades later to give us the "Meeting", which is as he states: the meeting with my roots: the land of Anogia and Psiloritis in which I was born and raised until the years of my studies. Its creation contains the past but also the new, with a modern look, as I understand it at this time. Sounds, images, feelings, forms, landscapes and memories that were inside me, emerged on the surface, in a combination of music and poetry and were deposited in my first record presence. ” On this album, he meets great musicians as we mentioned, and they are Psarantonis, Psarogiorgis, Vassilis Stavrakakis, Giorgis Manolakis, Costas Avyssinos and the lyricist Aris Kornelakis, while in a moving moment of the album, his wife Ioanna Kalogerakis, sings the song "The colors of the ruby".


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