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The Serpent and Lily is the first book by Nikos Kazantzakis, for which the author himself was to have conflicting feelings. Issued in 1906, under the literary pseudonym "Karma Nirvami".

The new annotated version (2002), which in 2005 released a new supplement, the reader finds the authentic text of the first edition and the truth about the source of his inspiration. The ultra-romantic novel is the eerie atmosphere inspired a ... worldly muse, with flesh and bones: the Kathleen Forde, the Irishwoman teacher of Nikos Kazantzakis in Heraklion English, and that was his first love. This is "Irlanteza" in which devoted a whole chapter stinAnafora to Greco.
Published the "love letter" to the Forde Kazantzakis and discovered traces of the course being applied, he abandoned Heraklion, until the dramatic end in America. Extensive text comments and information on the project, the same Kazantzakis and viotheories, wrote Dr. Patroklos Stavrou, while research on the fate of Kathleen Forde -and for the photo, which is now published for the first time made the daughter Niki P. Stavrou, Senior Lecturer of Comparative Literature at the University of Indianapolis.
Also listed six book reviews of the time (1906-1907) and a later (1977).


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