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This version comes to bring a separate manuscript of 1787 , with a particularly attractive illustration importance poem " Erotokritos " . It is the only surviving manuscript with colored miniatures belonging to rare manuscripts section of the Library of the Romanian Academy. Despite the multitude of literary studies around the origin and authenticity of the poem Vitzentzou Kornaros for " Erotokritos " by Greek and foreign scholars , this edition focuses on the text but not the image. An image , although it is associated with the translation of the poem in Romanian, has more to say perhaps, beyond melodrama , in the beauty of reflecting FANARIOTI Hellenism. One Greeks contributed greatly to the culture - ancient Greek and Byzantine - Balkan world .

This rare inventiveness and richness in folk art reflects the broader cultural and aesthetic direction of time , during which , despite the Ottoman domination , prevailed in the Greek line of letters, through education , books and art, then the " single " the Balkans .

The above fact he could no other art form can flourish , despite the existence of the image derived ostensibly from " Erotokritos " , but actually captures many features of a fragmented Hellenism. From the most famous folk books of the 18th century in Greece and Romania were the " Chronograph " of Pseudo - Dorotheus and Kigala and " Erotokritos " Kornaros .


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