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This third improved version of Erofili cure the deficiencies of Sathas and Xanthoudides versions and restore a large number of passages that were left to sense errors with language and versification damage.The new treatment is based on the previously unknown manuscript of Birmimgham, and the Venetian forms of Granedigou and Kigala, and also in Athens and Munich manuscripts.

This gives a most authoritative text closest to the writing of George Hortatsis. The introduction examines the problems of the poet and of dating, the multiple Italian sources, literary stage (Renaissance or Baroque?)

And the ideological content of the work, which is the opposition to the authoritarian power and social watertight.the folklore and the echoes today as stage presences of Erofili and the gradual recognition of the poet Palamas, in the preface of Trisevgeni, recognized him as the "father of our new drama also examined." Major and judgments of Law. Engonopoulos, Odysseus Elytis and N. M. Panagiotaki for Erofili. (FROM THE PRESENTATION OF ISSUE)


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