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Stavros Tzani's Hochlidakia is the first Cretan fairy tale published by Seistron. A fairy tale for children and also for adults who want to be children again, written in fifteen-syllable iambic. The author uses the Cretan dialect throughout the work. In it there are, in the form of snails, great personalities of Cretan arts and letters such as Psarantonis, the poet Giorgis Karatzis and the painter Roussetos Panagiotakis, artists and people who have contributed to the culture of Crete. The heroes were chosen to inspire children through music, speech and painting. Prefaced by Louis of Anogee "All the truth of the storyteller is a "lie" so pleasing that it legitimizes his intention to mislead us." Tsourakakis Charalambos who is a Harvard research associate professor. " Stavros Tzanis with an elaborate and humorous speech, based on our Cretan tradition, writes insulting words for children and parents." The edition is supported by "anapnia", which is a means of free artistic expression and support for young artists of our country, and Velivasakis Manolis from Kamariotis, president of the foundation "CULTURAL CRETE - USA", who wrote, "My friend and fellow villager Stavros Tzanis, with the smoothness of his well-measured Cretan language and with the appropriate selection of his great heroes, manages to give his young readers valuable lessons in character, language, culture and good behavior." Red thread tied in the wind wrapped "The teacher and the student with group the book are able to change the world the school." It is published by Seistron publications.


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