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THE MAGIC WORLD OF GUITAR - Kostiadis Parisias - Anastasia Passari (illustration) Our little friend, A new world opens before you: the world of music! You start a magical journey that will offer you countless moments of joy and happiness! Through learning the guitar and music in general you will be able to create wonderful sounds that will fill you with beautiful thoughts and emotions. Your teacher will teach you with the help of this book to play guitar easily and quickly, with familiar melodies and songs that each in turn takes you one step further making learning interesting and fun. In most songs there is a second part at the bottom of the page with smaller notes. This is the place where your teacher will play, in order to play the songs together as a duet. Any instructions above each note will be good to follow as they will help you learn the songs faster and more efficient, always of course listening to your teacher's instructions first.


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