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The first complete and thorough process for this unique instrument. The author approaches the body from all sides and for all musical idioms meet on the Greek territory with a collectible Stachomeni edition 270 pages . The method constitute three sections. The first section examines the Mandolin as classic European body , are technical exercises , traditional themes and scales etc. The second section presents a detailed and concrete examples of traditional folk and our music . Here , apart from the origin, historical development of Greek music , the structures of the scales , the mikrochordismata , molecules , their afferents , drafts , and the tempered asygkerasto , there is the modern day practice , in which our music closer the west . Most of the instruments we use have frets , as of course the mandolin , so we can not perform accurately the sounds of Byzantine music upon which all our traditional and folk music , thus creating some atypical conditions contribute to the final shape of roads that will look at this place . The third section is a collection of classical , traditional and folk songs , which will help the student to be practiced on a specific instrument.


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