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How to unleash your students' acoustic perception and their improvisation and execution skills. The book "Listen and Play!" In addition to the proposed audio material, it is addressed to any music teacher who is interested in contributing to the development of his students' auditory perception, to introduce them to the world of non-formal learning, improvisation and musical idioms. It negotiates the dipole between the field of musical notation and that of audio / oral traditions in the transmission-learning of music and reminds us that musicians who have the ability to work effectively in both of these fields are considered lucky and, justifiably, more capable. Starting with a brief account of how popular musicians learn through informal ways of learning music, the framework for applying these practices in three main areas of music education is described in detail: in individual teaching-learning of a musical instrument, in ensembles ( band, orchestra, choir) and in the classroom, both in general and in music schools. The proposed methods have been applied and evaluated in a systematic way through research projects for more than a decade. However, it is important to note that the book does not adopt an academic writing style. It is written in a simple way and refers directly to applications in real teaching-learning conditions, in order to effectively support teachers in their work. The texts from teachers and students who participated in the research projects give more life to the book, they record their experiences and the ways they experienced the proposed methodological practices. The book should not be considered as a "recipe" for a specific way of teaching-learning. It does not seek to criticize, change or reject other good practices found in the field of music education and in various educational and music education systems. Its purpose is to offer something more to teachers, something they may not be aware of and that they can incorporate into their practices. After all, the experience and professional judgment of each teacher are the foundations of the educational project. The book "Listen and Play!" opens a new door and invites teachers to adopt and adapt the proposed practices to the needs of their students and their own.


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