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Political and Asia Minor Folk Organic Purposes This book contains twenty Greek traditional, folk, organic purposes from the region of Constantinople and Asia Minor. The pieces are transcripts from recordings of 78 or 45 rpm records made in the early twentieth century, in Athens, America and Izmir. Sculpted by improvisation, folk creativity and artistic elaboration, they have survived to the present day through the oral tradition passed down from generation to generation of musicians and managed to survive thanks to recordings from the early twentieth century. They capture the historical coexistence of more than three and a half thousand years and are the essence of the interaction of peoples and cultures that acted in this crossroads between east and west, north and south. The main instrument in the recordings, from which the transcripts were made, is the harmonica or nature, an ancestor of today's accordion, which no longer exists. The book is addressed to organists, music teachers, musicologists and ethnomusicologists, music scholars of Istanbul and Asia Minor and in general to anyone interested in dealing with this repertoire. It comes to fill a gap in the bibliography of the repertoire, since the existing one covers extensively Politika hasapika and hasaposerbika but not syrta, balos, antikar and zeibekika, which are an important part of it. Contents: Syrtos Politikos Syrtos Politikos Sliding Derbenterico Political Slow Political Kalamatian Plakiotiko Zeybekiko Bournovalio Slide Slide / Ball Ball Syrian Zeybekiko Marble Zeybekiko Opposite Political Butcher Quick Opposite Asia Minor Tatavlianos Syrtos Kasambaliotiko Zeybekiko Butcher Political Serb Political Tatavliano Hasapiko


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