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44 traditional songs for oud, violin, canon, tambourine, flute, political lute, political lyre Includes CD with music examples Contents: 1 Alexander the King 2 A daughter from Elympos 3 A soft cup 4 Ships on the shore 5 At the door of the living room 6 Μανιώ 7 Bessarabia 8 I went everywhere 9 I part 10 Sue me 11 Half 12 Cobblers 13 I grew old and passed 14 Red mullet, my little red mullet 15 Eski Sehir 16 Ερινιώ, Κατερινιώ 17 My dark lip 18 Greek girl 19 οI want to stay here 20 Melike (A nice lad) 21 Cross of the Gray 22 Lalise, kouke m, lalise 23 The Gidiotis, the Maniotis 24 The sailor's mother 25 In Niausta sweet wine 26 Let go of lies 27 The King 28 I had a bird in a cage 29 Mana, you are also in prison 30 From Anapli to Tsigrou 31 Rose with white 32 Twelve years in prison 33 In the prison of Tsingrou 34 Tou Giannou's managazianos karsilamas 35 The brunette's laughter 36 I was put in prison 37 Marble karsilamas 38 Ατάρης 39 Butcher politician 40 Mandalio and Mandalena 41 From a foreign place 42 Bogazianos karsilamas 43 Archontogios is getting married 44 Koniali


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