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Vassilis Tsitsanis was born in Trikala in 1915. From a young age he was involved in music and until 1935, when he left for Athens, he composed forty pieces of music. This book deals with the musical analysis of the early synthetic work in relation to the historical, social, cultural context of Trikala, in which this repertoire was formed. Based on the recorded material of the composer, the themes of the lyrics are analyzed and musical examples are presented that examine the melodic development, the rhythmic structure, the musical form, the role of musical instruments. Contents: Preface Introduction CHAPTER A | Historical Overview A brief description of the history of the city of Trikala from the liberation in 1881 until the 1930s The musical life in Trikala during the period 1881-1936 CHAPTER B Biography of Vassilis Tsitsanis Biographical data - childhood Dating of music pieces from the Trikala period The texts of the songs Thematic classification The songs with the nominal references CHAPTER C Musicological Orchestra composition - Role of musical instruments Rhythms - Dances - Form Analysis of the tropics of the compositions Epilogue Bibliography-Sources Appendix Photographic archive


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