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The work of Stelios and Leonidas Lainakis that includes an album - cd, with 16 known and unknown (anecdotal) songs belonging to the urban folk music tradition of western Crete in a bilingual (Greek-English) book of 88 pages with informative texts for this type of songs signed by Stelios Lainakis, Professor of Ethnomusicology at the University of Athens and President of the Museum of Folk Instruments Phoebus Anogeianakis Lambros Liavas, Professor of Classical Philology at the University of Athens Michalis Z. Kopidakis and Muskotos Universitos and researcher of music folklore George E. Papadakis who also had the music and artistic supervision of the recordings. Also included are rare photographs of veteran musicians, actors of the Cretan music tradition, and informants of researchers, as well as the lyrics of the songs. 1. As the weather simmers 2. Outside my lips are laughing 3. I cry with complaint 4. You left but did not come again 5. Sore heart 6. Mario 7. Take a body and come 8. Sourmeli with 9. The old man 10. The meraklidiko bird 11. Γιάλας 12. And in my hard sleep 13. Yaleleli 14. Raisin 15. In Chania (or Htikiaris) 16. In the high crates


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