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Wreaths of Olympians. Symbolic and moral background.

The olive wreaths and the culture of the Greeks.

This is a study on the role of wreaths and olive branches in worship, in the daily life and struggles while expanding the study of the same olive tree as featuring Greek and the wider Mediterranean environment. It aims to highlight the role of the most representative tree of the Greek flora in Greek culture, ancient religion, as expressed in the symbolic role of the crown, combined with the athletic ideal, but the younger cult ..
In more detail:
In the first part of the book is a comprehensive reference to prehistoric times, identified and analyzed the performances of olive branches and the crowns (the oldest date back to around 1450 BC. Ch.) Also, sports performances of the prehistoric world are analyzed below light of recent research, noted their connection with initiatory rites and becomes the germinal their background.
The second part examines the mythological references and literary evidence for the role of olive branches and crowns of the ancient worship. Particular reference is made to the olive tree of Athena on the Acropolis of Athens and the wild olive of Olympia, like the rims - prize winners or oil - Panathenaic prize.
The third part examines the olive and the role of the ancient and newer customary practices.
Some of the project's contents:
The olive tree as a symbol of the Olympic Games
The "stefanites' seniority fights - The wreath as prize winners
The crowns of religious ceremonies and banquets
Wreaths and branches to survive the blast worship
Kotinos, the olive wreath and religious symbolism
The olive tree of Athens and Athena - The speaking symbol of a city
The "molecule" olive Acropolis. The vision of the miraculous revegetation
The oil in the races. Spreads and strigils
The oil as a prize - Panathenaic games and amphorae
The olive culture of the Greeks
The culture of olive. Ancient and modern worship - Survival


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