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This book is a systematic recording of folk rituals of doxasiologion and customary practices of Crete. As folk rituals, the author means the customary actions associated with popular worship and expressed in a variety of events and symbolism in the cycle time. It is a poetic and scientific approach of folk culture and folk soul, documented with multilevel research and stunning photographs, downloads, especially the author's on-site investigations initiated by adolescent and early youth, from the 1970s .
Through folk rituals survived ancient beliefs, ancient customary practices as such or adapted to the religious, social and economic conditions of each era.
Today, when the folk ritual customs of Crete, like many other regions are in retreat, this book is a valuable asset and life testimony. There are only descriptions, mostly resulting spot research efforts, but also the insight of the writer who seeks the origins, the roots, the religious implications and the social content of popular worship, as manifested in his homeland, Crete. The book, however, acquire a general interest to the entire Greek culture, it offers material for a more complete approach similar or parallel customary practices of the Greek and the wider Mediterranean region.


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