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With the most representative and most attractive figure that could grace the cover of a monumental tribute to women of Crete , released his new book known and distinguished researcher and scholar - author Georgios Panagiotaki . A truly significant work by a veteran writer anymore , made available to booklovers . And be sure to be embraced much more than the previous literary work , because the topic chosen touches the soul of every Cretan , each Cretans. The woman of Crete is the faithful companion is loving nurse of children , is a member of a trunk cones , which in its own setting that keeps the torso upright . The woman of Crete is the volunteer matches is equal power in each Battlegroup dash for faith and freedom. Perhaps this more than men experienced the ferocity brutal conquerors on the physical integrity and having children alone , moving between rural and baby cot . This woman with a superpower toughness in every adversity , veteran and loving every moment immeasurably in fertility , togetherness , family warmth and community service is while the Mother, wife , daughter , girlfriend everyman . And just for those reasons , I support that will be read more than any other Willy by both sexes.


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