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This book explores the complexities of identity of Cretan music looking at the species and its aesthetics . Based on field research , observation and participation in various types of events, where music and dancing take place. The author , to yield fruitful answers to critical questions , based initially on the same musicians involved in Cretan music scene today , and then proceeds to speculate how these musicians together and stand out from others and see themselves as part of a particular musical tradition . The book is written in English and is structured in five parts and five steps of pentozali . Illustrated with watercolors of Peace Koutridou and photos of John Bromoirakis . Includes glossary Cretan words and personalities that marked the ancient and modern Greek music and indicative discography . Accompanied by a CD with features Cretan songs and dances . The contents of version 1 . Entering the Labyrinth ( Labyrinth Enter ) . Ethnographic introduction to Greek , Cretan and music data . Two . Into the Labyrinth ( Into the Labyrinth ) . The Greek - Cretan ideals , local traditions and the Cretan identity as formed and expressed through music , dance and serenades . Three . Ariadne ( Ariadne ) . Cretan music scene (" Hyakinthia ") , the role of dance and song , biographies of three musicians -Ross Daly, Vassilis Stavrakakis Laodiki - that the author uses to support its argument that the Cretan music combines influences from East and West. 4. Unraveling ( Unraveling ) . The authenticity of Cretan music and the importance of tradition , through an imaginary dialogue between Zorba the Greek and Erophile . 5. Amazing Mazes ( mazes Surprising ) . The role of Cretan music as world music in today's reality , its openness to the outside world through the discography and local media


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