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The Cretan dictionary "The Cretan Vocabulary" by his collaborator "Davy" Antonis Thomas Vassilakis is a highly systematic work on the words of Cretan antiquity, which have been preserved by the ancient lexicographers.

The writer here with a sacred, we would write, devotion is reversed in the old books to find his linguistic discovery in order to give us a complete alphabetical dictionary, absolutely necessary to anyone who would seriously engage in the influence of Cretan idiom on the Greek But also the frequency of use of this idiom.

But Anthony Thomas Vassilakis does not just have to record the ancient Cretan words, which would in any case be easy. On the contrary, it is scientifically conscientious to cite its source and, where necessary, it is given and clarified, sometimes with extensive and with smaller notes, which are, however, rich in geographical and historical material, which helps to understand some of the material.This is an interesting and original work written with the true love of the researcher, who knows the size of his offer and what he can still offer.

"The Cretan Vocabulary" by Antonis Thomas Vassilakis is thoroughly detailed as it is based on a great and highly scientific literature, which, for the size of this book, seems to be exaggerated. "However, the Cretan Vocabulary, I think, makes a decisive contribution to Cretological research and studies as a useful aid to everyone who entices these".

Georgios Petropoulos


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