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Vasilis Skoulas was born in Anogia. His family, one of the largest in Crete, is full of Chieftains, Politicians and Lyrarydes. His grandfather Mihalios Skoulas was the best Lyraris of his time. Vasilis, lyra began to learn at his seven years. His father, known folk painter Alkiviadis Skoulas, became the cause, giving him his first lyra.
In the following years, passionately studying the music of his place, he succeeds to become one of the first lyra players-singers of his island at the age of fifteen. Everywhere they talk about this amazing lyrari. In the America, Germany, Canada, every aspect of it gives rise to folk delirium. His two or three albums from a small record company, though they leave time (big circulation, sticky discs, etc.), disappoint him due to the cramped production. He is withdrawing for a while from the discography.
In the spring of 80, composer Yannis Markopoulos proposes collaboration. There are thirty concerts all over Greece and Skoulas once again shows his great talent. The culmination of the Athens concert was highlighting. This is about so far and briefly his "resume".
With his current album "Sergianisma in Crete", Vasilis Skoulas "restarts" to sing to us. "As we have before, as we have left from Crete". An illegal provincial transmitter in a country where the dictatorship of "frankness" reigns. An amateur where the professional retailers of our "music" story reign.
This singer is conscious. He knows the story firsthand. After all, a "provincial" explanation is better than this "cultural" leveling.

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1. Heretismoi (Madares mou Chaniotikes)

2. Zacharozimomeni mou

3. Ego mikri mou s'agapo

4. Anathemase logisme

5. Protokopela tou horiou

6. Kainouria anoixi

7. Aetos

8. Rozonarismata

9. Kainouria agapi

10. Paliatzis

11. Ta vasana mou

12. Apoheretismos


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