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Stefanos Heretis (Baris) was born on February 12, 1987 in Anogia, where he grew up. From a very young age he dealt with music and lyra. Being a student at the High School of Anogia, he discovered that all his energy could be channeled into music and lyra. That's why he decided to study Musicology for a more complete music education. He is a graduate of the Department of Folk and Traditional Music of TEI. Epirus in Arta. Today he is a professor of Cretan lyra in Musical Schools and Conservatories.

Growing up in the local society of Anogia, he experienced the powerful Anogia tradition and was heavily influenced by the particular Anogian music culture and then he was initiated into the Greater Cretan and Greek Traditional and Non-Musical.

An important role in his life and his personality was played by the father of Aristidis Heretis (Gialaftis), son of Damianostefanis and Irene Skoulas, daughter of Karamouzomichalis (Mihalio).

He participated in the last album of his father "On the Agora of Heron" and in the recording work of Vangelis Kazantzis "The Land The Secret" in the song entitled "The Loneliness" in which Psarantonis sings. During this time he performed in Crete and in various parts of Greece.

His first personal work is based on his experiences, feelings and experiences of his career so far and his musical search. It will be released in mid-June and is titled "Life in rush..." and consists of six (6) tracks in five (5) tracks in orchestration of the same.



1. Se mia zoi pou viazete (Life in Rush...)

Music: Stephanos Heretis

Lyrics: Aristidis Chairetis (Gialaftis)

Song: Marina Dakanali

2. To mistiko tou ponou mou (The secret of my pain)

Music: Stephanos Heretis

Lyrics: Aristidis Chairetis (Gialaftis)

Song: Stefanos Heretis

3. Otan tripisi i thalassa

Music: Stephanos Heretis

Lyrics: Aristidis Chairetis (Gialaftis)

Song: Maria Koti

4.a) Exekinisan oi hares, b) Apano pou tan i hara

Music: Stephanos Heretis

Lyrics: Aristidis Chairetis (Gialaftis)

Song: Stefanos Heretis

5. Kourastika ma ehtisa

Music: Traditional (Sitiakes kontylies), adaptation by Stephanos Heretis

Lyrics: Aristidis Chairetis (Gialaftis)

Song: Aris, Stefanos, Vasilis Heretis


The musicians:

Stefanos Xairetis: Lyra, vocals

Vasilis Xairetis: Lute, vocals

Dimitris Kiaoulias: Bouzouki

Mixalis Kotis: Oud, quitar, saz

Antonios Mpotonakis: Piano, bass

Giwrgos Saloustros: Thiaboli, athanato

Sotiris Aggelakis: quitar

Kostas Markakis: quitar

Meletis Pantelidis: tarabouka

Stratis Skourkeas: rek

Marijia Katsouna: bentir

Maria Koti: vocals

Marina Dakanali: vocals

Aristeidis Heretis (gialaftis): lyrics, vocals


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