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Nikos Sopasis was born in Heliana Rethymnon, a region that combines the tranquility of the lush landscape with the roughness and pride of Kouloukonas mountain. A place authentic musical workshop of nature.
There he learned, from his childhood, the lyra with his father, the unforgettable Hotzolabi, a well-known lyricist in Mesa Mylopotamos, a distinct figure, a beautiful man, mercy, eroticism and cheerfulness. Generally, the Heliant villagers are endowed with an innate tendency towards folk poetry, music, great ideals, are witty and witty.
Nikos Sopasis, from the early years of his artistic presence, stood out from all the lyra players of the area and quickly became famous. With an inexhaustible joy and amazing communication with his audience, he became sought after in Cretan feasts and later at the end of the 1960s he played a leading role in the booming of the Cretan centers in Heraklion and Athens.
In the age of 25 he wrote his first big album, with the famous "Rodaria", a song that established him as one of the first names of the creators of the music of our island. He traveled to America, Canada, Germany, worked for many years in Athens, where he appeared to act as a "firepower" for fun and spree.
Gifted with rare vocal virtues and a completely personal expressive tone, he is also a super-skilled who knows, with a flexible imagination, to discover new creative paths.
Nikos Sopasis personalizes the musical shades of Mesa Mylopotamos and with his sultry voice and the enchanting sounds of his lyra sends the greetings of the Taleon Mountains to all the Cretans.
The release of this album released by the Cretan Musical Workshop "Aerakis" includes most of the songs that marked and marked the 30-year-old music career of Nikos Sopasis.

Nikos Vidakis

Lyra-song: Nikos Sopasis
Lute-mandolin: Mihalis Petsakis
Guitar: Kostas Markakis
Bass: Michalis Mavrakis
Vocals: Despina Spandidaki
Lute at 6,14 Giorgis Mihelakis
Production Editor: Stelios Aerakis

1. Eho kardia pou pantote
Music: Nikos Sopasis, Lyrics: K. Troulis
2. Anarotieme
Music: Nikos Sopasis, Lyrics: Despina Spantidaki
3. Rodaria
Music: Nikos Sopasis, Lyrics: K. Troulis
4. Sinefiasmene ourane
Music-Lyrics: Nikos Sopasis
5. To misitko mou pes mou
Music-Lyrics: Nikos Sopasis
6. Perna o kairos
Music-Lyrics: Nikos Sopasis
7. Ftera den eho
Music: Nikos Sopasis, Lyrics: G. Michelakis
8. Apotipomata
Music: Nikos Sopasis, Lyrics: Despina Spantidaki
9. Drosoula sta kladia sou
Music: Nikos Sopasis, Lyrics: Despina Spantidaki
10. Rizitiko song
Music-Lyrics: Traditional
11. Kontylies tis nihtas
Music: Traditional, Lyrics: Despoina Spantidaki
12. Marazomeni einai i kardia
Music-Lyrics: Nikos Sopasis
13. Pagomenes nihtes
Music: Nikos Sopasis, Lyrics: Despina Spantidaki
14. O logismos
Music-Lyrics: Nikos Sopasis


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