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1. Methi - Vasilis Stavrakakis

2. To xatiri - Vasilis Stavrakakis

3. Aretoysa - Mitsos Stavrakakis/Marina Dakanali

4. Ta poylia - Vasilis Stavrakakis

5. Sbino to fos - Pantelis Thalassinos

6. Ta filia - Antonis Stavrakakis/Basilis Stayrakakis/Mitsos Stavrakakis

7. Rizitiko - Giorgis Xylouris

8. San meineis moni - Vasilis Stavrakakis

9. THola nera - Marina Dakanali

10. Ti psaxneis arage - Vasilis Stavrakakis

11. Ena koritsi - Michalis Stavrakakis

12. Xrone poy pernas - Vasilis Stavrakakis

13. Egeir' o ilios - Marina Dakanali/Mitsos Stavrakakis


Record Label Musical Editions Seistron
Categories Aerakis publications, Music
Availability In stock
Type Cd's
Subcategories Groups, Personal albums
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