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1. Rebel 4.59

Music: George Vrentzos, lyrics: Irini Vrentzou

2. Do not hurt me 4.39

Music: Giorgis Vrentzos, lyrics: Giannis Aerakis (Pologiannis)

3. I managed to cheat 4.28

Music: George Vrentzos, lyrics: Emmanuel Kariotakis of Kosmas

4. The first rains 4.16

Music-lyrics: Mich & Ant. Φραγκιαδάκης

5. The wild 3.35

Music: Antonis Agrimanakis, Giorgis Vrentzos, lyrics: Giannis Dakanalis (General)

6. Since I did not forget you 4.42

Music: Giorgis Vrentzos, lyrics: Aristidis Hairetis (Gialaftis)

7. In your neighborhood I sing 4.09

Music, lyrics: George Vrentzos

8. Homeland you were hurt 6.19

Music: traditional, adapted by George Vrentzos Lyrics: a) Giannis Dakanalis (General), b, c, d, e) Giorgis Vrentzos, f) Myron Skoulas (Karfakis), g) Michalis Vrentzos (Tiganitis), the, i) Giannis Saloustros (Kechris)

9. Pancake 6.06

Music-lyrics: George Vrentzos

10. Istanbul (radical) 5.52 Music-lyrics: traditional

11. My star is expensive 3.56

Music: George Vrentzos Lyrics: a) traditional, b, c, d, e, f) George Vrentzos, g) Keveli Sergiou

12. If I had n I have a head 5.27

Music: George Vrentzos, lyrics: Lefteris Berkis

13. What past 5.32

Music: George Vrentzos, lyrics: Vera Soultatou Xylouris

14. The dream 8.46

Music-lyrics: George Vrentzos


Record Label Aerakis - Cretan Musical Workshop & Seistron
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Categories Aerakis publications, Music
Subcategories Cretan music
Type Cd's
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