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1. Haniotikos Syrtos
Inspired by the most popular Haniotikos dance called the “Protos syrtos”
2. Keritis (Sousta)
A composition by Maria Manousaki which is inspired by a Cretan dance called “Sousta”.
This dance is dedicated to those who lost their lives in the Keritis bridge massacre during the Battle of Crete
3. Gramvousa
A Cretan folk tune originally by Kostas Mountakis written about a local fisherman Nikolaos Tsegas
who drowned in the Kissamos bay called Gramvousa
4. Dourios Ipos
A composition written by Nektarios Kostakis inspired from Greek Mythology
5. Tis Selinis To Fos (Seliniotikos)
Inspired by the traditional Cretan melody originating by a region in Hania called “Selino”
6. Maleviziotis
Inspired by the Cretan dance called “Maleviziotis” from the region of Heraklion
“Erotokritos” is a romantic poem written in the Cretan dialect of the Greek language. It was composed by Vitsentzos Kornaros
who was born in Sitia, Crete. It is a love story between Erotokritos and Aretousa, it also revolves around honor, friendship,
bravery and courage. It remains a popular work to this day largely due to the music that accompanies it. This poem
uses a particular type of rhyming which is also used in the traditional mantinada. It consists of 10.012 fifteen syllable rhymed verses.

Recording mixing mastering at MP Studio
Photo shoot: backcover Savvas Kouridis, inside page Vasia Vergou
Graphic design: Andreas Aerakis
Production by Aerakis - Cretan Musical Workshop & Seistron © December 2018


Record Label Musical Editions Seistron
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