100 voices by Kostis Palamas - Lucas Thanos - Vasilis Prodromou

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1. Niki 4:02

2. And persons and things 4:07

3. Perdikostithis Gypsy 4:12

4. The insoluble darkness 5:29

5. O opinion, O concern, O calculation 3:14

6. The time inside me 3:35

7. We the workers… 3:38

8. The soul and the lyre 3:38

9. I love you 2:49

10. In the summer 3;31

11. Silence. 3:04


The musicians played:

Nikos Tatasopoulos: Bouzouki

Vasilis Prodromou: Guitar, baglama

Dasho Kurti: Accordion

Dimitris Tsekouras: Double bass

Michalis Bakalis: Percussion

Sound engineering, mixing: Dimitris Sintos

Mastering: Nassos Nomikos

VU productions Mastering Studio

Creative: Andreas Aerakis

Production: Seistron © 2023


Record Label Musical Editions Seistron
Categories Aerakis publications, Music
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Type Cd's
Subcategories Greek music, New releases
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