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The publication, with the support of the Region of Crete, "Why τό Erotokritos in the 21st century in Crete and the World?" Was completed. The 165-page volume contains the proceedings of the 9th Conference of the World Council of Cretans of 2019, covering both scientific action and social events. Accompanied by a 17-track music album with performances by "Erotokritos" covering a wide range of performers, interpretations, lyrics and musical genres, in which the traditional with the art and the old-classical with the new-modern voluntarily coexist. The scientific and publishing supervision of the book and the music album was Dr. Maria Hnaraki (ethnomusicologist, folklorist, cultural anthropologist, chair professor at Drexel University and authorized representative of the PSC). The volume includes the texts of the conference speeches by David W. Holton, Emeritus Professor of Modern Greek Philology at the University of Cambridge (--introduced by Anastasia Markomichelaki, Assistant Professor, Department of Philology at AUTh), Christoforos Charalampakis (Emeritus Professor) , Akrivi Vrentzou (psychologist / psychotherapist), Tassos Kaplani (assistant professor, Department of Philology at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki) and Ioannis Pyrgiotakis, (Emeritus Professor & Vice Rector of the University of Crete). In addition, it describes all the parallel activities of the conference such as events, honorary awards and exhibitions, with the characteristic of the award with a personal stamp of Konstantinos Daskalakis that bridges the interaction of PSK with the new generation. During his greeting, the Governor of Crete, Stavros Arnaoutakis, states how the Region of Crete "recognizing the great importance of the Greek community, in recent years, with institutionalized actions and initiatives seeks to strengthen its ties with it" while Antonis Diamataros, then Minister "Brothers, it is time to strengthen the relations between motherland and expatriates even more," said the Foreign Minister in charge of Hellenes Abroad. Finally, the president of the World Council of Cretans, Manolis Kougioumoutzis, seals the above, saying the following: "I have deep in my mind, as my primary concern, the essential and eternal promotion of our place." The production and printing of the music album was done by the company "Aerakis - Cretan Music Workshop & Seistron". The circulation of the volume is institutional between celebrities and libraries.


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