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People do not differ in motivation and anagkesse any corner of the world they are, at any time if the lottery to live. Love, separation, death, the sufferings of life is for most the strength to struggle, and for some, that the Muses are reconciled, inspiration and harmony. Reading the collection of my old student, Stavros, my belief that this generation is not culturally homogenous, like ours, was established. Because what greater pleasure to see their primary sorrows, be converted, be made rhyme, verse, athivoli, sarcasm, couplets from a beloved dialect, Cretan, and intimate, these measures from the time the ancient and our Byzantine anadakryonoun us domesticate form the vein of our history! And so I remember Stavros, since at wind sites, Lesvos, brandishing the Cretan tradition. And more writings, atithasefta and downwind together, music and cry, reaction and pain, war and peace.

Stavros, you're okay, because in your book you made me remember my second homeland, Crete, not as the familiar strangers, but as anathivaloun who tasted the sweetness of vetiver.

Efstratios Papanis,
Assistant Professor, University of the Aegean


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