The music history of Crete - Cultural center of Heraklion

The musical history of Crete On Friday 29 and Saturday 30 March, at 21:00, in the "Andreas and Maria Kalokairinou" Hall at the Cultural Conference Center of Heraklion A celebration, an honor for the Protomasters of Crete, with the talented artists of today, in collaboration with the recording company ΄΄Aerakis - Cretan Music Workshop΄΄ dedicated to Stelios Aerakis who ministered with respect and passion to Cretan music, both from the position of the violinist as well as that of the producer-founder of the recording company "Aerakis-Cretan Music Workshop". Stelios was not only a musician. A restless spirit, alongside his musical interests, he entered the field of discography in 1974 as a representative of the Columbia company for all of Crete. This gave him the impetus to follow the music productions and finally envision and create in 1976 the Music Production Company "Aerakis - Cretan Music Company" which later evolved into "Cretan Music Workshop" in collaboration with his brother Michalis Aerakis, sealing with the quality and innovation of the era, the entire recording development of Cretan music. Andreas Aerakis, the current director of publications, son of Michalis Aerakis and nephew of Stelios Aerakis, took over from the previous ones and now has a total of (500) publications. With creation, inspiration and self-sacrifice, he has added his own touch to the field of publishing and is considered a worthy successor of the Aerakis musical family. Because the past is a lighthouse and not a port. uses Cookies!

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