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CD 1

1. hawkers descended 4:23 2. The four, five, the enniaderfa 4:00 3. The dead brother 5:35 4. His dead brother 5:08 5. Kourasin evoulithike 6:56 6. The Ai song Giorgi 3:52 7. She Arta bridge 2:40 8. bridge the underside, the underside bridge 7:46 9. City and I learned 4:11 10. the glass well 3:08 11. George beating the bells 2:02 12. a Lilac, a Sunday 2:46 13. a mother has a son 2:16 14. I spent kalimerisa 4:23 15. Militsa you 're on the precipice 4:09 16. T' Saint George the night 3:50 17. a daughter from eyripou 4:38

CD 2

1. Korasin etragoudage 6:40 2. A daughter synapovgane 4:33 3. dawned sunrise 4:50 4. A daughter Vrontadousaina 4:06 5. John and Evangelia 1:40 6. The 's length of shore 02 07 7. I am an orphan child 4:55 8. Archontogios marries 5:26 9. A gkastromeni reaped 1:55 10. Daughter blonde sang 4:29 11. king and Mavrianos 2:50 12. Aroafnou 05: 55 13. Eygenoula the Moshonas 6:18 14. Tue lords sat 3:40 15. Yar yar 2:43 16. a short kontoutsikos (Honey Erythraias) 4:03 17. a short kontoutsikos (Skiathos) 5:26

Introductory note

From years to employ the ballads. Songs that preserve precious items from ancient myths, songs like fairy tales we find s'olokliri Greece and in many of the Balkan countries. Through paraloges our people could join the real with the supernatural and birth stories, often tragic, that may once have happened or could happen.

The disks that you hold in your hands include material that I have collected from old, but several newer recordings. It is not easy to listen and, of course, is no trade - but what my work so far done with these criteria? I want to tell you that I love these songs, which I find extremely interesting and the matters dealt with and their melodies. With the release of these discs that I rescued a considerable part of our oral tradition.

The songs we chose to include from three different recording times. That is, except for the songs recently recorded in a studio with my partners, there are those who sing ordinary people, with authentic voices, I met years ago, traveling to Greece. The recordings are of course not perfect, but I believe that these simple people attribute unique atmosphere and style of each song. There are even songs from previous versions of the Association, which has included to give a more comprehensive picture of the kind we call absurd.

I hope that was a complete job that you like.

Domna Samiou (2008)


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