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Petroloukas Chalkias & Vasilis Kostas “The Soul of Epirus Vol. II” | "The Soul of Epirus Vol. II" Musical dialogues for clarinet & lute New album The release of the album "The Soul of Epirus Vol. II" ("The Soul of Epirus Vol. II") by the living legend of the clarinet player Petroloukas Halkias and the international lutenist and 2023 Grammy nominee Vassilis Kostas, was one way after the great response of the audience to the first "The Soul of Epirus" in 2019.

This record is the fruit of the friendship, apprenticeship and collaboration between these two great personalities of our traditional music, over the last 8 years.

Following their meeting in Boston in 2015, the creation of their first record "The Soul of the Continent" and the concerts in Greece and abroad in the following years, Petroloukas Chalkias and Vassilis Kostas are trying to further develop the dialogue between clarinet and lute creating a new window into the already rich musical tradition of Epirus.

It is worth noting that the first album was voted the Best Album of 2019 by Balkan World Music Chart, while it received excellent reviews from world-renowned music magazines, such as New York Jazz City Record and Rootsworld, through which it was also voted "Music of month of November 2019". It has stood out as one of the favorite albums of the Mundofonias / Transglobal World Music Chart. while it has been presented on numerous radio stations in the USA.

Before the recording of “Soul of Epirus Vol. II", the specific project was presented at the Paris Philharmonic, the ADEM organization in Geneva, the National Council for Traditional Arts in Virginia, USA. and at the Thessaloniki Concert Hall.

On this journey, together with Petroloukas Chalkias and Vassilis Kostas, are their close collaborators and friends: our important traditional performer Kostas Tzimas (voice), and the exceptional musicians Thanasis Vollas (lute) and Petros Papageorgiou (percussion).

The album is released by Artway – Technotropon and is available on all digital platforms, while it will soon be available in selected record stores in Athens, Thessaloniki, Crete, Patras and Ioannina.

Info: Released by Artway - Technotropon Cultural Productions |


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