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Alexandros Bletsos was born in 1979 in Thessaloniki. In 2001 he graduated from the New Conservatory of Thessaloniki, holding a degree in violin (Excellent and excellent reference for outstanding performance), as well as senior theoreticians (Harmony Specialist). In 2005 he graduated with a violin diploma from the Codarts Music Academy in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. He has attended various seminars with renowned musicians in the field of art and he has participated, with many appearances in various bands from the Amsterdam Symphony, Rotterdam’s Camerata, to chamber music sets.


Returning to Greece from 2005 onwards, he began attending seminars and courses on Eastern music and Greek tradition.In 2014 he graduated with a diploma in Byzantine music from the Macedonian Conservatory of Thessaloniki and in 2017 he created the musical band” Paixnidiatoroi “where it still represents the music of Asia Minor. His classical music education, combined with his interest in Greek music tradition, characterizes him as a special musical alloy and leads him to a bridge between two worlds, Western and Eastern music.


Ατενίζοντας Βορειοανατολικά
Staring Northeast


1. Πλατανίσιος / Platanisios
(Traditional song from the island of Samothraki)

2. Κατσιβέλικος / Katsivelikos
(Traditional song from the island of Lemnos)

3. Παλιός Καρσιλαμάς / Palios Karsilamas
(Traditional song from the island of Lesvos)

4. Εκατό φορές στο είπα  / Ekato fores sto eipa
(Traditional song from the island of  Samothraki) Singing by Elpida Karadagli

5. Πυργούσικος / Pirgousikos
(Traditional song from the island of Chios)

6.Ικαριώτικος / Ikariotikos
(Traditional song from the island of Ikaria)

7. Τενέδιος /  Tenedios
(Traditional song from the island of Tenedos)

8. ο Μπαρμπαμαθιός / Mparmpamathios
(Traditional song from the island of Samos) Singing by Evgenia Mavromati

9. Βρακάδικος / Vrakadikos
(Traditional song from the island of Lesvos)

10. Κεχαγιάς / Kechagias
(Traditional song from the island of Lemnos) Singing by Dimitris Dakas

11. Γιάρ Γιάρ / Giar Giar
(Traditional song from the island of  Samothraki)

Bonus Track

12. Τα Σύγκριτα / Ta Sigrita
(Traditional song from the island of Agios Efstratios) Featuring “Pechnidiatoroi” Music Group

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