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The second discographic work of George Tsirigotis is released, entitled "Metamorphosis", with lyrics by Prodromos Kosmidis. The new album consists of 12 songs. Singers are George Tsirigotis, George Dalaras and Mariastella Tzanoudaki. The main axis of the work is the existential song, the love, the death and the relation of man with society. The two creators have carefully composed the songs so that there is unity and one complements the other. Despite its dense subject matter, it exudes optimism, light, power and in combination with the various orchestrations and different musical motifs (sometimes western, sometimes oriental) keeps the listener's interest intensely. The cd includes the exceptional musicians: Neoklis Neophytidis (piano), Apostolos Vangelakis (clarinet, flute, cavalry), Thanassis Sofras, Thodoris Kouelis (double bass), Giannis Moutsakis (percussion), Aris Koukos (bouzouki, mantouli , Giannis Oikonomou (oboe), Christos Tsiamoulis (lute), Vassilis Ketentzoglou, George Tsirigotis, George Dalaras (guitars), Stefanos Dorbarakis (canon), Michalis Porfiris (cello). CD cover: Brian Flynn painting A few words about George Tsirigotis George Tsirigotis was born and raised in Piraeus. He studied in California, USA, where he lived for ten years. There, he studied vocal and music with excellent teachers and collaborated with well-known Northern California conductors, international musicians and classical orchestras (Zoila Munoz, Michael Goodwin, Marla Volovna), singing operas and arias, mainly from the Italian repertoire. At the same time he participated in smaller music groups, playing traditional music of our country and the Mediterranean. Since 2010 he has been collaborating closely with some of the greatest masters of the Greek music scene, such as: Kyriakos Gouventa, Thanassis Vasilas, Dassos Kourtis, Thanassis Sofras as well as Manolis Karantinis and Andreas Tsekouras, having presented in music scenes, such as " A Thousand and Two Nights ", in" Half Note ", in" Rhythm Stage ", in" Glass Musical Theater "etc. tributes to Vassilis Tsitsanis and Mikis Theodorakis, but also his own very special musical proposals, such as" 4 faces of a tenor ". In 2014 he released his first album "Anemos". At Christmas 2015 he was invited as a soloist to sing arias and traditional songs of 19th century Istanbul at the Athens Conservatory. In January 2016 he took part in a charity concert in Lake Francis California for a child support organization, where all proceeds were raised for this purpose. Recently, he has prepared a special musical-theatrical performance, entitled "Midnight on fm", which is based on his new album "Metamorphosis". The radio producer Marina Lahana and a band of 9 people participate. The show premiered at the "Athenais" art space, while on December 14 and 21 it will be presented on the "Sphinx" music stage.


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