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Giannis Kotsiras, two years after the last of cooperation in the song cycle with Thanos Mikroutsikos and Odysseas Ioannou,

returns in discography with an eclectic album, signed by established and honored artists

of the past as new talents who take their own path in colorful world of Greek song.

In this cd also John Kotsiras, located in the best phase of interpretative route to maturity and unmatched voice quality, and continues to present the creative side in the lyrics and composition, developing the gift of this time. A large group of artists and songwriters, therefore, that despite the different ages coexist equally, complement and interact through music and speech dragging each other the completion of their musical tale.

Why so as successor to a song the other, you think and every song is a story with images and emotions, all together in the end tied in a fairy tale or a magical novel.  Finally, it should be said that in addition to the featured artists for each label version specifically for this essential role played.

Kostas Parisis made the orchestration of all the tracks, the Imam baildi who gave their own unique version of the song "In the same nets," the great musicians who put all their skill, his girlfriend and always lovely Helen Tsaligopoulou who stood beside the John in a song and the producer of the cd Nektarios Red spent endless hours - for two years - along with John Kotsira, selecting enjoying listening to the final result. The "Liar time 'will begin its journey in the world Wednesday, November 23, with a live presentation in the theater theater ALFA IDEA involving all the musicians in the presence of all authors.


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