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With a triple live album, "Hotel Ermou live 2015 - 2018", which was recorded during her appearances at "Hotel Ermou" and released by Panik Gold, Anna Vissi returns discographically, masterfully unfolding her unique musical journey from in 1973 until 2018. The three years of successful appearances in the talk of the town area of ​​Ermou Street, Anna's music house, come to life through three CDs, full of songs that have their own story and we all love them. Accompanied by the exceptional and talented "golden" of the band, which consists of 11 musicians and 3 singers, the absolute Greek star travels us through all the decades of her successful 45-year career through 68 tracks as presented on stage, either in full or in from inspired and special orchestrations edited by her and her musicians, most of which bear the signature of her constant friend, collaborator and mentor, Nikos Karvelas. The album is accompanied by a rich booklet of 32 pages with unique material, such as photos, notes and moments from Anna's live appearances at "Hotel Ermou".


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