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On the saxophones and EWI, is the American Steve Tavaglione, among the leading contemporary interpreters on the worldwide jazz scene, well-known for his work in films (“American Beauty”,” Ocean’s Eleven”, and many more). He has also worked with the group Tribal Tech. 

Usual collaborators from even his first CD, “Truth”, Sylvan Richardson on the 6-string electric bass (former bass player for Andy Sheppard and Simply Red), and Ruth Hill, who with her unique approach on the kanun (a Middle-Eastern instrument!), introduces the instrument to the Jazz scene.

The well-known Cypriot singer, Alkinoos Ioannidis performed in a very interesting and original recomposition for cello and voice, “Spasmeno II”, by Yiorgos Kaloudis, based on the lyrics of Alkinoos’ original song, “Spasmeno”.

The pianist, Sotiris Lemonidis brought to the last two tracks of the album a unique beauty and delicacy, and the drummer, Mike Kapilidis, with his musicality, gave interpretative support.

Finally, the voice of the Greek actress, Sophia Hill, well-known for her exceptional performances at the Attis Theatre, and her 4-year- old son Angelos, in the most theatrical “brush-stroke” of the CD.

The photographer, Lambros Papanikolatos, created the artistic concept of the album along with his excellent artwork, and the graphic designer, Eirini Tsarbopoulou, provided steady support.

The result of this collaboration is like “music for an invisible film”.

Composed, arranged and produced by Yiorgos Kaloudis.

Warm thanks to the J. F. Costopoulos Foundation for its kind support for the recording and production of Yiorgos Kaloudis’s CD.

"First Light" was inspired by a traditional English Tudor round "Rose".

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Yiannis Skandamis,
at the DNA LAbel Studios, Athens, Greece.


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