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With smells and flavors from the stunning scenery of the Mediterranean and beyond, this time the melodies of our Maki traveling through the past, meeting the rhythms of today, in a very familiar musical idiom.

Songs you want to hear again and again, music that speaks to our heart and touch the soul!

World ethnic sound inspired melodies Traveler atmosphere. However the Uranos moves a step further !!!

This time Makis travels inland landscapes: in the past, memories, emotions.

And as we travel from one song to another, our feelings change in a similar way, from melancholy to optimistic, tension in a whisper, from low to high.

The guitar, the woodwinds and a solid rhythmic background is the center around which draws Makis musical landscapes, but with traditional elements of the Mediterranean improvised music.

The virtuosity of the musicians involved are given, but always such that it supports the needs of musical expression.

Matt does not hesitate to use and shuffle elements from traditional forms of jazz and streetbeat, in order to create something interesting and unique, based on the rich melodies of his compositions ...

The vocals also play a dominant role in the orchestration, and melodies jump over the strong rhythmic pattern.

If you are not familiar with the previous works of Maki Ablianitis follows a brief snippet of music ...


And suddenly thoughts are freed, the problems seem to fade, pettiness disappear.

 The greatness of existence now lies before you.

 Only the music of nature remains to remind you of the world size accordingly.

 How strange. Enough to look up at the sky!


Makis Ablianitis


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